People from all walks of life often decide to explore their irish family history.  What motivates people like you to start this journey varies but can be;

  • a general curiosity that turns into an obsession
  • a medical condition – this is what motivated me
  • to authenticate family stories
  • to document a family history before another generation passes on

With the resources that are currently available, you can make quite a lot of progress. The only problem is that it takes time often…

  • the prospect of even beginning this journey is daunting or;
  • you don’t have the time available to put into this project or;
  • it’s just not your ‘thing’ but you like the outcome or;
  • you live overseas and it’s not possible to travel to do the research

So where do I come in? …. if you have a motivation or are just compelled to document your family history in a document or on a wall chart, I offer a Family History Research Package which involves searching the records and producing a family history tree going back to well… as far as we can go.

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