Desperately Seeking Angie

Mary Angela Bridgeman is my paternal great grandmother and I have been searching for her for the last 3 years.  This is the second time a great grandmother has eluded me; it took me 2 years to find my maternal great grandmother and the joy at finding her final resting...

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Adoption Story : Helen

I have mentioned in previous fb posts about trying to help someone find their birth mother.  You have often wished me and her well in our search and I would now like to share the full story with you.  I have changed the...

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Adoption Story – My Sister

This blog post is about helping my younger sister to find her biological father.  I do have her permission to write this blog but she asked that I don’t use her name. I come from a family of 6 children; 3 biological and 3 adopted.  My mother tells me that even before...

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Starting Young

I am often asked by clients for advice on starting their Family History Research.  And when I think back when I started my research, the best piece of advice I could have done with was; Start When You Are Young(er) The reason being that if you leave it until you...

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Burial Records Online : Fingal

Still on the theme or burials/graveyards, a number of county councils have published some of their burial records online. One of these is Fingal County Council in North Dublin. They have published the burial record including the extract from the burial register which...

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receive your copy of 'a guide to tracing your irish family history'

It is not often you can truly recommend someone without reservation, but for Sandra I easily can as I have absolute faith in her integrity, talent, ability, personality and passion. Sandra is approachable, pragmatic and detail oriented. She is a highly intuitive and sensitive person who  will care deeply about the people she is researching and discovering and will also be the best kind of encouraging friend to those of you who are undertaking the journey of genealogy.

Her tenacity and passion will ensure she will doggedly persevere on projects or details long after us mere mortals have given up. Her work is always of exquisite quality and the level of detail and little extra bits she unearths are truly amazing and will ensure your genealogy record will be something to treasure for many generations.