If you decide that you need help with your research of if you wish me to undertake the research on behalf of you and / or your family, I will give you a flavour here of the work that I do for you.

Family Tree Booklet  As far as is possible, I will provide not only a short story in respect of each individual, as well as their key dates, but also copies of additional documents such as:

  • Census records
  • Birth record / certificate / place of birth
  • Marriage record / certificate / place of marriage
  • Death record / certificate / place of death
  • Occupations
  • Relevant photos and documents

Example O’Farrell Family History – Extract

Family Tree Wall Chart  If you just want your family tree documented on a wall chart, I can provide this for you

Example – One Side of Family                  Example – Both Sides of Family    

How does it work?

After appointing me to carry out the work, I will conduct a thorough interview with you. This will require you to complete some basic information such as names, dates, places and may also require conversations with other family members.  I will then go and carry out the research and from time to time in the process I will revert back and liaise with you to check facts, validate findings and look for further information.  After approximately 4 weeks I will be in a position (in most cases) to complete the Family Tree and the Family History Overview.

Further Research

If you require me to carry out further research for you such as finding out more information on a particular family member or expanding the family history to previous generations, then I would be delighted to discuss those requirements and provide you with a quotation for the work to be undertaken.

Presentation Options

For most people the mere unveiling and discovery of the information about their ancestors and their family history are enough to satisfy the curiosity that drove them to begin the process. However for some, the idea of a framed visual representation of their family history which can be proudly displayed in their home or a high quality printed book are also important as a way to share their ancestry with their friends and family. If these are options that you would like to consider then I can discuss the various options and pricing with you.


If you would like to carry out the research yourself but would like the comfort of my experience overseeing and guiding you in your work, then I am also happy to discuss a coaching arrangement to support you.  This option also works very well for clients who live overseas and on occasion need ‘boots on the ground’ to track down records or visit distant family in Ireland.

If you would like to get in touch and have an initial chat about your requirements, I would love to hear from you – so please contact me using the button below.

You can also view some of my other work in the gallery below

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