Keen to learn about your Irish Ancestry?

I am passionate about Irish Family History. I also love sharing information and teaching others to help them with their research. So, I have merged my passions and am sharing what I have learnt by way of courses, blog posts and free eBooks. I also undertake commissioned research.

My latest free eBook ‘The Keys to Unlocking Your Irish Family History’ provides you with useful tips and resources to help you find Your Irish Family History. It is a guide to the best places to look for information and is explained in a simple, practical and jargon-free way.

My courses are designed to cater for all levels of experience. So, whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate looking to improve your research, my courses are sure to help you on your research journey. They are structured by way of step-by-step guides, background information, case studies and video tutorials. A full list of courses can be viewed using the button below.

If taking online courses or reading eBooks are not your thing, that’s fine. Some people don’t have the time, the patience or inclination to spend hours searching for their Irish ancestry. I undertake commissioned research to do the research for you or help break through a brick wall for you. You can provide your details and what you are looking for or trying to achieve, using the contact button below.