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Discover Your Irish Roots and Family History

Discovering your Irish roots and family history is exciting and it is a truly rewarding experience to finally uncover your family’s past and know where you come from.

Our online courses teach you how to search for Your Irish Family History. We teach you using step-by-step guides and practical video tutorials. Our courses help alleviate the frustration that often comes with trying to find your ancestors in Irish records. We eliminate information overload and get straight to the point.

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old black and white photo

Joseph Kirwan Bridgeman and Kathleen McGrane c. 1900

What Our Students Say…

“I always came up against obstacles when researching my Irish family tree and wasn’t sure where to turn, so ended up putting my research on the back burner until I happened upon ‘Your Irish Family History’ on Facebook.

I can take the courses at my own pace which means I’m not tied to a particular time, and I’ve found them hugely helpful in guiding me. I would highly recommend ‘Your Irish Family History’ for your research.”

Fionnuala Meehan – Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“I love this online course. Sandra is very encouraging and has restarted my motivation. The online course suits me as I can work at my own pace and if needed can go back over content that I found a little complicated.

It’s great to have a hobby I can do at home. It also gives our family something interesting to talk about in lockdown! I’d recommend the course and Sandra as a great guide.”

Paula Flanagan – Perth, Australia

A Truly Rewarding Experience to Find Your Past

It is estimated that around 70-80 million people worldwide claim Irish ancestry. For a small nation, we are punching above our weight with the number of American Presidents that can trace their Irish heritage, for example John F Kennedy traced his ancestors to Co Wexford and Co Limerick, Barack Obama to Co Offaly, Joe Biden to Co Louth and Co Mayo, and Ronald Regan to Co Tipperary.

You too can discover your Irish heritage. Our courses are designed to help you on this amazing journey.

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama with his great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney

A Message from Sandra…

I love the buzz I get when I find an ancestor or a piece of the family tree puzzle myself, don’t you? Irish genealogy is very addictive but also very time consuming. When I started researching my own family history, I found it very difficult to find the records I was looking for. And when I did eventually find them, I wasn’t sure how to interpret them. Now I know, and I want to share the knowledge with you. I learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to.

I have created online courses to help you discover Your Irish Family History by teaching you how to navigate through all the records. If you want to learn a bit more about my own history, press the button below.

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Sandra Taylor

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