Keen to learn about your Irish Family History & not sure where to begin?

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I’m Sandra Taylor – Genealogist

I am Passionate about Irish Family History

Whether you are curious to learn more about your Irish family history, or simply need help with your existing research, I can provide a unique Family History Research experience for you, tracking back to….. well, as far as we can go

Genealogy Research

What motivates people to start this journey of discovery? It might be..

To authenticate family stories

To document a family history before another generation passes on

To research the heredity of a medical condition (this is what motivated me!)

A general curiosity that has turned into an obsession

You could choose to trace your own history, however..

It’s not easy!

It’s an extremely time-consuming process

Many people lack the resources and expertise

If you live overseas, it may not be possible to research on your own

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