About Sandra

I grew up in Rathfarnham, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. A sixties baby, middle child of 6 children, red hair and freckles… a typical Irish cailín.  I did get stopped one day in St Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin by an American tourist asking if they could take my photo – so you get the picture.

I tried out a few different careers first

The majority of my life was spent in the IT industry as a Systems Operator, Help Desk Manager, Global Contact Centre Manager, IT Consultant and Project Manger but as the years went by I found this industry was no longer ‘rocking my boat’.  I knew I wasn’t put on this planet to do IT but wasn’t sure what.  I became gradually very interested in life… what it was all about, my purpose and in particular a more holistic way at looking at health and nutrition and how we are all connected.  Long story short, I studied and practiced a more holistic and spiritual way of life and thought that this might be my passion, my purpose, my soul purpose. It is my passion… it intrigues me but I love people and I found doing 1-2-1s with clients quite isolating.  So, the journey continued to find my true calling.  I did not want to settle for anything less – probably the red-head in me; we are known to be fiery, sensitive, passionate and well…. a bit like a rottweiler with a bone !

This is where it all started

By chance, my husband was getting a medical done through a work programme. Whilst getting an ECG done, the doctor asked about family history.  John advised that his father died when he was 50 and that apparently there is a ‘weak heart’ in the Taylor family.  The doctor was very surprised that John, at 50, had done nothing about this.  He started talking about getting all sorts of stents fitted, taking statins etc.  And believe it or not… that started my journey into the Genealogy world.  I set about uncovering the truth about the weak Taylor heart with the vigor and tenacity of Zena Warrior Princess and the sharp eye of Lieutenant Columbo.

So, it didn’t take too long for me to discover that the myth was in fact untrue.  Yes, John’s father Michael ‘Micéal’ Taylor did die of a ‘myocardial infarction’ i.e. a heart attack at the age of 50.  However, his father, John’s Grandfather, another Michael ‘Mike’ Taylor, who had a hard life working as a farrier and blacksmith, died in 1956 at the age of 62.  Yes, he died of ‘angina pectoris’ which is a heart condition but considering the very physical working life, I thought that this wasn’t too bad.  Step in another Michael Taylor, John’s Great Grandfather. Again, a blacksmith / farrier all his working life, he died at the age of 72 from ‘Nephritis’ and general ‘asthenia’ which are not heart related.  So, as they say, the myth was busted.

I realised then that there was no going back

So, this episode whetted my appetite for more.  So, roll on 6 months later and John’s Family Tree document is a comprehensive document full of birth/ marriage/ death certificates, scanned pictures, documents and stories.  I decided to do the same for my own parents family trees, and this is turning out to be a very comprehensive document also.

I came to the conclusion that; I love to tell a story, putting together pieces of a puzzle, resolving the mystery and connecting long lost families ties.  I recently managed to track down a relative of my husbands from Clare.  She was over-joyed to hear from me as she had lost touch with this side of the family in 1982 and hadn’t a clue what had happened to them.  I visited her in Clare and she was able to give me great insight into the family in the early 1900s and beyond and I was delighted to be able to show her the family tree and share all my knowledge of what happened over the years.  It’s hard to describe in words the pleasure I felt; I was kinda lost for words for once.

…. and this is where I am now

So, I took a leap of faith and set up my Genealogy business so I could help people like you find their past.

People look to generate a family trees for different reasons – like me, some trying to see if there is any medical condition passed down through families, sometimes just out of general curiosity, or maybe wanting to document the family history before another generation passes on without sharing lots of information that is in their heads but also lots of photos / documents in a battered old suitcase under the bed.

I would love to explore your family tree with you – you can contact me using the Contact Form on my website.

Family….. like the branches of a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.