About Your Irish Family History

I grew up in Rathfarnham, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. A sixties baby, middle child of 6 children, red hair and freckles. A typical Irish cailín. I did get stopped one day in St Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin by an American tourist asking if they could take my photo – so you get the picture. And I have lived in Dublin all my life.

I tried out a few different careers first. I joined the fast-expanding IT industry in Ireland back in the 90s. I also tried a career in the holistic space as I love helping and empowering people. To cut a very long story short, I ended up where I am today totally by accident.

My genealogy journey started when my husband was getting a medical done. John advised the doctor that his father died when he was 50 and that apparently there is a ‘weak heart’ in the Taylor family. The doctor was very surprised that John, at 50, had done nothing about this and started talking about getting all sorts of stents fitted, taking statins etc. And believe it or not, that started my journey into the genealogy world. I set about uncovering the truth about the weak Taylor heart with the vigour and tenacity of Zena Warrior Princess and the sharp eye of Lieutenant Columbo.

Sandra Taylor
A young Sandra in 1971

A young Sandra in 1971

I Love to Tell a Story

After all the various careers and life experiences, I came to a number of conclusions. I love to tell a story. I genuinely love jigsaw puzzles. I love mystery and detective novels, TV programmes and films. I love showing people things I have learnt. I love knowing where I, and others, came from. Putting all these ‘loves’ together, Your Irish Family History was born.

So, whether you decided to start researching your Irish ancestors for medical reasons, just out of general curiosity, or maybe some of you want to document your family history before another generation passes on, it doesn’t matter.

One fundamental thing I understand: you get a fabulous buzz from uncovering Your Irish Family History and you don’t want someone else to do it for you. But you need someone to teach you the best way to do it and this is where I come in.

My courses come from a passion for genealogy and a desire to share this knowledge with you.

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