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The first picture below shows my ethnicity according to my DNA test that was done about 3-4 years ago i.e. 64%  The picture below it shows my ethnicity (according to the same DNA test that was done 3 years ago) but the DNA company ‘upgraded’ their system and results are supposed to be more accurate i.e. 87%

My stats from Ancestry DNA
My stats from Ancestry DNA

I am a red-headed Irish girl with freckles born in Dublin.  I look Irish.  But I was somewhat bemused to find out I was only 64% Irish.  My London born husband got great amusement out of the fact that he was 96% Irish, although born to Irish economic migrants to the UK in the 1960s.

The ‘upgraded’ version of my ethnicity at 87% is more probably a bit more accurate… I think.

I’ve heard before that if you are doing your DNA test purely to find out how Irish you are…. don’t bother.

I am getting the impression that the science of testing your ethnicity is not there yet.

I was at a DNA talk a while ago and the speaker spoke also about the inaccuracy of ethnicity.  He has had DNA tests done by the four main DNA testing companies and gets different results from each.  On one test he said, I am 10% Scandinavian and on other tests his Scandinavian ethnicity is not mentioned.

The problem he said is that all the companies are using different ‘formulas’ for testing Irishness, or Englishness or Spanishness for that matter.  On the subject of Spanishness, when Irish people see Spanish ethnicity, we often think ok yes, we are related to survivors of the Spanish Armada in 1588.  However, experts say that about 6,000 men drowned, those that made it to land were often brutally slaughtered under direction of the English occupied landowners, and some Irish also who took the opportunity to relieve them of their gold.  Those that did survive were so few that it is unlikely that traces of Spanishness would be found in a large portion of our population.

So, take the ethnicity results, at the moment with a pinch of salt and allow for a percentage of error or uncertainty.

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dna uncovered - ethnicity
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