Joe Biden’s Irish Family History

Isn’t it amazing how many American Presidents (and President elect) have Irish roots. Joe Biden has Irish ancestors in Co Mayo and Co Louth. He has two great great grandfathers, one from Ballina, Co Mayo and the other from the Cooley Peninsula in Co Louth that emigrated to America. Like lots of Irish families in the 1800s, Joe Biden’s great great grandfathers emigrated to seek a better life in America.

Joe Biden President Elect Irish History
Joe Biden

You can read about his Irish ancestors in this recent article in the Irish Times Newspaper Irish Times

If you are looking for your Irish ancestors in a country so vast as America, it can be difficult; in particular if you don’t know from which port they sailed or which port they entered America. A former teacher of mine drummed into us that ‘it’s easier to find your ancestors in the country of settlement rather than the country of origin’. Meaning that there are far more records in America than Ireland. This is not just because lots of the records for the 1800s were destroyed by fire in the Public Records Office in 1922. It is also due to the fact that in the country of settlement, there are surviving records relating to immigration and naturalisation that we can search.

Castle Garden New York America
Castle Garden New York

I wrote a recent blog about Emigration to America via entry points in New York which you can view here

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