Online Courses

Our online courses provide access to online learning resources and instructions to anyone, anywhere.

There is no commitment required, no need to attend weekly classes or meetings and there is no homework. You can take our courses at your own time and pace, whenever the mood takes you. So whether you are just starting Your Irish Family History research or have been dabbling in it for a while, our courses can cater for all your research needs.

We are passionate about sharing our research knowledge and helping people like you to find Your Irish Family History. Our courses are packed with pre-recorded video tutorials and step-by-step guides to show you want you need to do and how to do it. And, if you hit a road block, help is only a message away, and our expert genealogists can point you in the right direction again.

Contact us if you have any other questions, or pick the course below which suits you best and get started on your journey of discovery today.

  • Making Sense of Birth Records

    Making Sense of Birth Records

    Exploring civil birth records, church records and workhouse registers


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  • Making Sense of Marriage Records

    Making Sense of Marriage Records

    Exploring church marriage records, legal records, newspapers and more


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  • Making Sense of Death Records

    Making Sense of Death Records

    Understanding civil and burial records, cemetery records and much more


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  • Making Sense of the Census

    Making Sense of the Census

    Looking at the history of the census and understanding the census records


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How do our online courses work?

If you’re new to online learning – like so many of our students are – you may be a little unsure about where to start. Don’t worry, we make online learning fun and easy!

The main thing you need to understand about our online courses is;

  • It works on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer

  • There are no live classes so you can take the course at your own pace and at a time that suits you

To participate in our online courses, you will need to;

  • Login – using your own unique login and password – Using the link provided in the email once you have purchased the course

  • Take your time – you have 6 months to complete the course so no rush

  • Progress through the course work – and replay any of the sections as many times as you wish

  • Ask for help – the course tutor is available you to so you can message us if you get stuck or have any questions

Our online courses are developed with you in mind so hopefully you will find it very easy and intuitive to use.

Why Choose Your Irish Family History

The courses are structured by way of step-by-step guides, background information, case studies and video tutorials.

  • Step-by-step guides to help with your research

  • Work at your own pace/speed

  • You can repeat any of the sections over and over again

  • Comprehensive, engaging and easy to follow

  • Caters for all levels, from beginner to intermediate

  • Video tutorials showing you practical demonstration of popular research sites
  • Tutor support available if you are stuck and need some help

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Old family photo

Louis, Billy, Dorothea, Leslie c. 1942

What Our Students Say…

“The courses are really well structured, concise and to the point, and have really helped me make great progress in my search and I’m now further along than I ever thought I could get.

I can take the courses at my own pace which means I’m not tied to a particular time. I’ve found them hugely helpful in guiding me.

I would highly recommend ‘Your Irish Family History’ for your research. Sandra very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject, but also very helpful when I contacted her directly.”

Fionnuala Meehan – Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“I have just completed “Making Sense of Birth Records” and “Making Sense of Death Records” and I highly recommend for anyone researching their family history whether a beginner or, like me, you have dabbled a bit previously.

I found these courses easy to follow, providing excellent instruction on how to navigate and source material from numerous online resources.  I learnt of many new resources and I quickly discovered records for my ancestors and found new ones I didn’t know existed!”

Carmel Hensey – Dublin, Ireland

Compare our Training Courses

Here is a synopsis of what you will learn in each of our courses.

  • Making Sense of Birth Records

    This course contains:

    • Exploring Civil Birth Records
    • Exploring Church Baptismal Records
    • Exploring General Register Office
    • Newspapers
    • Workhouse Registers
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  • Making Sense of Marriage Records

    This course contains:

    • Exploring Civil Marriage Records
    • Exploring Church Marriage Records
    • Exploring General Register Office
    • Legal Records
    • Marriage Settlements, Dissolutions & Breach of Promise
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  • Making Sense of Death Records

    This course contains:

    • Exploring Civil Death Records
    • Exploring Burial Records
    • Exploring General Register Office
    • Cemetery Records
    • Testamentary Records
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  • Making Sense of the Census

    This course contains:

    • History of Census
    • Status of Census 1821 – 1911
    • Information in Census Records
    • Census Forms A-Z
    • Case Studies
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