Joe Biden’s Irish Family History

Isn’t it amazing how many American Presidents (and President elect) have Irish roots. Joe Biden has Irish ancestors in Co Mayo and Co Louth. He has two great great grandfathers, one from Ballina, Co Mayo and the other from the Cooley Peninsula in Co Louth that emigrated to America. Like Continue Reading

Who Do You Think You Are

People often say that when they start exploring their Irish history, they would love to find some intriguing characters.  Not a villain exactly but just let’s say, a colourful character, which adds a bit of ‘colour’ to your Irish family tree book.  I love to find heroines in my Irish Continue Reading

Emigration to America

A nice little history lesson for anyone looking for ancestors who emigrated to America. People often just think of Ellis Island but Castle Garden was another entry point in New York for a period of time. https://www.familysearch.org/…/ny-castle-garden-ellis…/ Castle Garden and Ellis Island Immigration Records are available for free on various Continue Reading

Poor Law Unions

For the purposes of government administration in the 1830s, the Poor Law Unions (PLU) were created.  There were a total of 163 PLUs and each had a workhouse associated with it.  Workhouses were the last resort for the destitute Irish.  You may come across your ancestors with an address of Continue Reading

Finding Where Your Ancestors Lived

Finding out where your ancestors lived is a important piece of information in your research.  Often people embarking on their research have an idea of the county their ancestors lived i.e. Co Galway, Co Wexford.  However, if your ancestors were Murphys from Cork, you will have your work cut out Continue Reading

Finding Famous Ancestors

I think I have seen most episodes of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, at least the ones this since of the pond.  I spent some time recently catching up with ones that I had missed.  I was intrigued by one in particular – Emma Willis (née Griffiths), a very Continue Reading

Love Letters from the Past

I am passionate about trying to understand more about our ancestors through our research instead of just finding birth, marriage and death certificates.  For some reason, when one family historian meets another, the first question that will be posed 95% of the time is… ‘how far can you go back’.  Continue Reading

Back To Our Past Conference

The Back to Our Past event is normally held in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin in September. However, due to the current pandemic the event is being held online so no matter where you are on this wonderful planet, you can attend. You will find the details on Continue Reading

Additional Records on Find My Past

For those of you who use Find my Past, the latest update from them is that they have added 15 million new American travel records including California, New York and Texas. Additional newspapers from England, Ireland, Belize have also been added as well as additional pages to existing papers. Find Continue Reading

Emigration from Coolattin Estate

In a recent blog post, I spoke about the Earl Grey Scheme which was an assisted emigration scheme to transport poor and destitute Irish girls to Australia. Similar schemes were in practice in the 1800s across Ireland. In this blog post, I will talk about the assisted emigration to Canada Continue Reading